About Me

I am totally obsessed with exploring the world. Seeing new cultures, having new experiences and occasionally just sitting on a beach and doing nothing.  

My travel journey began way back in 1986 with one of the best gifts my family could have ever given me. That was, the gift of travel and exploration of the world around us. Fast forward to 1992 when turning 16, that gift did taper off but my wanderlust never did. 

In 2000 I count myself as one of the lucky ones. I met my now husband Tayn (@tp_globalnomad) and in 2004 we began our travel journey together and since then, we have been extremely privileged enough to be able to travel almost as much as we can handle.  

Apart from travel, we have been lucky to have been able to live in Singapore for 4 years and we are now based in London. 

Our other love is our dogs Ruby (#rubydogsentosa) & Molly (#mollydogsentosa) who keep us on our toes that is for sure. 

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