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Take extra cash

The post title says really. Not sure if it was the tour company that we used or it is normal, though please make sure you bring extra cash (Egyptian Pounds) with you when visiting sites.

In Cairo we were told by our guide that you were not able to take photos inside the pyramids at all, though the security guard inside said it was ok to take photos which we did, but then the tipping gesture was given - an open extended hand.

When I booked the tours for the sites in Luxor, as in the rest of the world, the price for the sites is the price. Minus any gratuity obviously. Being told that the tours included entry fees is pretty normal. I wasn't advised that there would be extra costs, but there are.

There are photo license tickets which run at EGP350 per person, there are additional attractions once inside the main sites. Once in the Valley of the Kings it was an additional EGP250 per person to see Tutankhamun or EGP1,000 per person to see King Seti tomb which is currently open for viewing.

There are currency changers at these sites if you do not have any EGP on you, but lets just say the exchange rate is not a market rate.

I know that these are not large amounts of money once converted, though to avoid being stuck not being able to see some sites, being hit with not so friendly local exchange rates, my big tip is to make sure you carry some local Egyptian Pounds with you.

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