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Why Cruising?

As a pair of 40 somethings, we get this question quite a lot from our family, friends, colleagues and people we meet while cruising.

For me, I was never a fan of, nor wanting to ever cruise which was based on a few misconceptions that I had about cruising (stay tuned for my post on this). Being the loving husband that I am and having a husband that wanted to do a cruise for ages, the thought that I had was to make the parameters so tough that I wouldn't have to do one, EVER!!!!

This was saying to Tayn, I will go on a cruise if the ship is over 300 meters long. Thinking to myself that this would never happen and I would be safe and sound just doing land based travels only. This was an arbitrary number and not based on any knowledge, I just thought, that sounds so large and no way would there be anything that big.

Well, that didn't last long. AT ALL.....

To my shock, #celebritycruises entered our lives with #celebritysilhouette the latest in their Soltice Class ships. Yes this was a little while ago now a days.

So having my arbitrary number beat, the "decision" was made that we would do a 14 night (yes may as well go the whole hog) cruise around the Mediterranean.

Ok, sorry, getting back to the point, why do we cruise?

Well, Tayn does travel significant amounts of time for work (anywhere 25 - 35 weeks per year) and has done since 2006 so this does result in large amounts of time in hotel rooms and lugging luggage around airports and taxis.

What cruising does for us is that it gives us an opportunity to travel and see new places (which we love to do), but the main thing is that it gives us a "home" where we can unpack and hide luggage. When you travel that much for work, the last thing that you want to do is to pack, unpack and pack more suitcases while on a personal holiday.

It also gives you a taste of what a place will be like for future revisiting. We have discovered some of our most favourite places in the world so far cruising and not only have we gone back to revisit some, we have also planned some pending trips to get back to others.

Apart from having a floating home that arrives into new cities every morning (for the most part) or just cruises around the ocean for the day, we get to indulge in our other passion which of course revolves around food and beverages... there is always something new to get your hands on. This does result is cruise bloat, but hey, when it is on tap, the ability to be restrained goes WAY out the window.

Would we recommend cruising to everyone, yes for sure we would. What I would say though is to be picky and pick your Line / Destination carefully. Future post on this coming soon.

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